Alright stop, collaborate and listen!!


That’s where the Vanilla Ice motivational quote stops you’ll be pleased to know!! 🙂 

I recently took part in the rather wonderful ‘Collaborate Live’ series of Google Hang Outs on Air with Bev Holden (@stickythinker) of the Clear Thinking Partnership. You can watch it back here if you fancy some enthusiastic Dawn type ponderings on all things collaboration and appreciation:

Life is a collaboration!

To summarise, we talked about how for me life is one big collaboration. My journey to do the interview was a story of lots of little collaborations with multiple touch points. In fact I worked it out and there are more than 10 people involved and lots more conversations that were had before I crossed paths with Bev. I tried to create a diagram to demonstrate this but it got too complicated and long-winded and I would have put you all to sleep!! We did create a video to bring this to life with specific mentions of the people at the end. I’m conducting a poll to see if you would like to see it in the spirit of inclusiveness, collaboration and appreciation. Vote now and have your say…


The importance of social media

What interested me most though was how social media is deeply embedded throughout it all. My journey started with a recruitment consultant approaching me on LinkedIn creating an opportunity to join OC Tanner. Twitter was the catalyst to get blogs out there and share content and views of the world. The other part comes down to being brave enough to get yourself out there and have conversations. It’s amazing how the small interactions lead to a moment in time when something happens. It’s probably not often that we stop and think about it.

Collaboration starts with a conversation which in turn creates an opportunity for another conversation. We absorb information, we take it in and we use it.

It’s the same with appreciation. We say a genuine thank you, we make a difference to someone’s day and we want to do the same for someone else. It has a knock-on effect and it becomes something we do naturally without having to think about it. We sometimes just need reminding how powerful it can be!

Give with a generous heart!

For me, I love the connectedness of the world we live in. I believe it should be used for good and to make things better. I feel good when I make a difference for somebody else big or small. The lesson for me is that if we think about life as a journey and if we think about collaboration as a journey too, then all we need to do is embrace life with an open heart and an open mind, enjoy conversations wherever they arise, be passionate about what we do and be willing to give even if there is no return.

If we do this then life will reward you well with not only lovely people but a myriad of possibilities and opportunities that wouldn’t have existed otherwise!

Big thank you’s to the people who have been part of my collaboration journey so far! @ianharwooduk @ryskicheyne @kingfishercoach @jill_rowley @EmmaBrowes @ConnectingHR @projectlibero @octanner @stickythinker


My blogaversary – a short blog to discourage the ‘what if’! Just do it…



Today is my blogaversary! A blogaversary you might say…what random word has Dawn made up now to go with her random job title? Well a year ago today I posted my very first blog on WordPress entitled ‘A Smile Is the Best Curve on Your Body’. I vividly remember being on the verge of panic as I contemplated clicking ‘Publish’ as my newly formed thoughts hit cyberspace through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I was a nervous wreck. Hot flushes, trembling hands, proper anxiety in my chest…what was I doing? What if people didn’t like what I had to say? What if I got horrible comments? What if? What if? What if?

But there was a part of me, a bigger part that really liked what I’d written…it came from the heart and those words needed to get out there and this overrode everything else…I’m so glad I got over myself and did it!!!

Blogging and social media have opened my eyes to a whole new world that didn’t exist for me before and I have met the loveliest people along the way. I have met strangers in bars who I had only currently ever tweeted with (sounds dodgy I know!), I have been educated, I have been invited to speak at an event (eeek @EmmaBrowes), I have reached out and sought advice (thank you @HR_Gem), I have been coached and inspired (@KingfisherCoach), I have used blogs as a means of introducing people to me so they get a sense of who I am before we’ve even met, I have grown into a network where I can help other people connect too which I love (@Projectlibero @fuschia_blue)…it’s been nothing short of amazing!

So to those amazing people who have been part of my blogging and social media journey, who have supported and shared my blogs and for those of you who have read and enjoyed them…THANK YOU!