Don’t be a know it all – involve, include, innovate!


I hit a brick wall last week with a challenge. I still haven’t been in my new role for a year yet but I still put pressure on myself to know all the answers! I got frustrated for a while then bit the bullet and asked for help from my boss. His solution – go and talk to the people who do this day in and day out…spend the day with them. Amazing – not rocket science but it demonstrated two things to me:

1. It was OK to not know everything

2. Other people love helping if you give them the chance

Ironically my last blog touched on vulnerability and I’m seeing this word used a lot at the moment in many different contexts. For me, it’s about letting people in. Letting people see the real you and this is where the magic happens.

Letting people in and exposing your vulnerability removes all barriers and this is where great work and innovation happens. In this place, idea generation has no limits. Natural enthusiasm flows. Creativity blossoms. Everyone becomes equal with a common goal of doing some great work.

I sat in a room with people from across the business and it was energising, fun, inclusive and people commented on how much they enjoyed it afterwards. Everyone likes to be involved and feel like they are making a difference.

Ask for help today and see how people rise to the challenge and do some #greatwork