Stop letting your job title define who you are…re-frame your role and see the magic happen!



My trip to Salt Lake last week was thought-provoking and inspiring to say the least! A big part of the conference was about our new book ‘Great Work’. If you’ve read the book then you’ll know it’s crammed full of inspirational stories of people out there making a difference in their work lives every day and it explores the characteristics of those people.

What really brought this to life for me though and made me emotionally connect even more was actually watching the videos of those people telling their own stories…I’m going to include a link to one of them in this blog and I strongly recommend grabbing a tissue before you watch it.

What you see from this clip is the perfect example of re-framing your role. Moses did not see himself as just a ‘cleaner’, he saw his role within the hospital’s mission to: offer hope. He saw that he had the ability to make things slightly easier for the families in his care through his thoughtful words and compassion. He took the time to care when others missed this opportunity completely. I believe it’s essential for all of us to spend some time remembering why we do what we do. If in your job you can be yourself, be true to your values and understand your role in the bigger picture of your organisation’s mission and vision then you are likely to be more engaged, reach higher levels of job satisfaction and feel empowered to make a difference in your own unique way every day.

We hear so much about how companies need to drive employee engagement but so much of that power lies in our own hands as employees of companies large and small all over the world. An organisations responsibility is to create cultures that inspire us to discover, encourage us to innovate, empower us to be ourselves and to provide authentic leaders to guide and inspire us along the way. It’s not easy and it can’t happen overnight but surely it’s worth it….what company out there wouldn’t want their people to produce ‘great work’ every day….not just good but ‘great work’. Work that promises to contribute to real bottom line results and most importantly a sense of opportunity and well-being, one of the key drivers of employee engagement.

I did my own re-framing of my role a little while ago and it makes a huge difference in most interactions that I have. My core motivation in life is to make a difference…at work, at home, with my family and friends so I approach as many conversations as I can with this in mind. I may not always have the answers but I will always try my best to create an outcome that makes a difference.

Mindi (from the embedded clip) explains the idea of ‘reframing your role’ really well, “I think it’s the difference between working with your head down and with your head up. You need to look at everything going on around your job so that your eyes are open to possibilities. If you look at how your work affects others, at how relationships work, at what others want and need, you will see things you don’t see when you are just going through the motions’.

If you can do one thing differently today, take a look at your business card and stop letting the title define who you are. Realise that working with your head up will open an array of possibilities that only you can create!

Embrace change and be amazing!



Our values define who we are…

Next week I’ll be flying out to Salt Lake City for our Fall Meetings and we’ve been asked to think about a moment when our lives changed, why we do what we do and how we have become the people we are today. Profound eh? So this has obviously got me thinking about the rollercoaster ride that life is. I genuinely believe things change for the better when we are challenged the most. When the deep rooted values that define us are tested to the point where we have no choice but to be who we are. It’s at this point that we make a choice as to how we are going to deal with it and we embrace it or we run away.

Embracing these type of moments and being true to ourselves, gives us the strength to make the most amazing things happen in our lives. Sometimes it’s just a small mindset change or a choice to respond in a different way but these small changes become the building blocks that create change.

Getting rid of my suitcase of guilt…

As every mother will tell you working or not, motherhood comes with a great suitcase of guilt with it! A few months ago, I would get asked the question ‘How’s work?’ with a sympathetic look from whoever was asking and I’d reply, mirroring the tone with something like ‘It’s OK…’ and I’d walk away feeling rubbish. It took me a while to realize what I was doing and that I was actually fuelling my own guilt.

The stupid thing is that’s not how I felt at all, in fact I LOVE my job. I LOVE using my brain, interacting with people, solving problems, being creative, challenging myself and I want my girls to grow up knowing that work can be tremendously fulfilling especially if you believe in what you do! I look back now and wonder what on earth I was doing!!! So obviously my response now to the same question is completely different. Now I’m super enthusiastic and talk about all the good things! And guess what? I feel much better and hold my head up high. All that changed was me choosing to respond to the exact same question but in a different way.

Engaged employees don’t become engaged overnight…

Mindset change happens gradually through frequency and habit and I often tell this story when in the throes of a conversation around ‘employee engagement’. It is a choice to embrace change and to get your employees to rally behind your company and live your values, you need them to believe ‘why’ you do what you do and connect with them on an emotional level. It’s then that going to work is not just about money, it’s about making a difference every day in your own unique way. Recognition reinforces the message that what your people are doing is VALUED, NOTICED and APPRECIATED and this in turn sends the message home to everyone else that the reason your company exists is to work towards the common goal all your people get out of bed and come to work for every day.

What is perfect anyway…

So next week when I’m asked about a life-changing event, I will be telling my story and I will be feeling proud knowing that I’m not perfect – far from it – but I believe in who I am, I believe in what I do and I feel proud getting out of bed every day hoping that I can make a difference in my own little way.