A smile is the best curve on your body…fact!



So here goes…my first ever blog and my chosen topic is SMILING! When perusing Facebook the other day, a friend shared a picture with me that said ‘the greatest curve on a woman’s body is her smile’ …and I thought well let’s take that one step further and actually ‘the best curve on anyone’s body..male / female/ young / old…is a big fat heart-felt smile’ and then it got me thinking about how much we smile at work…go on have a think…when was the last time you laughed out loud at work, genuinely smiled at something someone said or felt proud because of a specific moment when somebody said thank you…hopefully you’ve been able to think of lots of individual moments but for a lot of people this isn’t the case and I feel that I’m in the best position I’ve ever been to do something about this epidemic…


A few weeks ago, we organised an amazing event in London looking at the ‘Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies To Work For’ list as we are very proud to say that in the UK, three of our clients feature in the top five. What was really refreshing though was hearing those clients talk so candidly and honestly (with lots of humour and smiles) about the ‘journey’ they have been on and the setbacks they’ve faced on the way, and it really has taken time, energy and amazing resilience. This is because culture change has to be driven by the leaders of a business, one heart and one mind at a time. It takes leaders who are willing to be honest, accountable and who are willing to earn the trust of their teams which doesn’t happen overnight. When those leaders realise that appreciation and recognition can accelerate this process and reaps actual positive business outcomes, then this is where real success starts to happen. Earning trust is interesting though…I have this theory about the people I trust the most in the world and it all comes back to smiling again. If someone smiles with their eyes, for me it is the biggest sign ever that I can trust them and I find myself automatically doing the same, because smiling is infectious…if a leader can build that trust across an organisation and create a culture of recognition then as our clients have discovered…it can lead to great things so all you leaders out there…get working on smiling with your eyes and make it the best curve on your body!!